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Heather Pennell

You came here looking for a photographer.

Someone with the talent to showcase you, your mission and your brand.

We’ll let’s set something straight: I’m not a photographer, I’m a Seer.

Let’s define this.

A Seer is:
1. a person who sees; observer.
2. an observer who perceives visually
3. a person with unusual powers of insight

A camera is just one of many tools I use to see you, understand you, and communicate your essence to the world.

My true talent lies in my uncanny ability to recognize you with clarity, then take that depth of understanding and turn it into visual imagery that stirs the soul.

That’s why my clients call me “The Essence Oracle.” I can see your essence on a plane of existence that’s full of creativity, communication, and divine beauty.

So, if you’re just looking for a photographer who can take a couple pretty photos, then you’re got way more than you bargained for.

And, if you’re looking for something “quick and painless” because you hate having your photo taken, it doesn’t exist. You’re going to hate the process even more, and end up with photos that you’re not excited about, if you don’t face into the real reason it bothers you in the first place - I can help with that.

Having your photo taken can be so much more than a nice headshot, let me tell you how.

Question: Would you be more likely to share your website, your services, your entire business if you LOVED the way it looked, felt, and truly expressed what you have to offer?

I’m guessing you said “YES!”

I’ve observed time and time again women who settle for a brand that isn’t a true expression of who they are, leaving them hiding their brand and business from others when they should really be sharing it with the world - causing them to become stagnant, unsatisfied, and with a few less zero’s in their bank account.

There’s something you should know:

Your brand isn’t just the font, the colors, or the pretty photos - while all of those things do matter - what’s more important is that who you are, your core, your essence and your purpose is felt, heard and understood by your clients. That’s what really has them jumping to work with you.

You truly deserve a brand that:

  • attracts clients that love what you do and how you do it (and you love them too)
  • feels (and looks) so good, you are actually excited to share it with the world (marketing can be fun!)
  • encompasses all of who you are in a way that works (you don’t need to hide that you love to cook, or surf, or drink wine - it can actually be to your benefit to share those aspects of yourself!)
  • evokes transformation, joy, and the change that you want to make via it’s powerful presence in the world

Because you’re not just anybody, you’re on a mission, you’ve got a purpose that’s calling you forward - and you’re here to make a difference.