10 Things Successful Brands Do

Wondering how to build a successful brand? Here are some of the most common things successful brands do to have an impact, and increase sales at the same time.


1. Have a Specific Point of View – A lot of entrepreneurs ask me the question, “how can I stand out online and be different from that other person doing the same thing as me?” Well here’s the deal, your unique point of view is going to make you stand out from the rest. If you’ve got an opinion, or a certain way of doing things in business, you’ve got to share that with the world. If you’re sick of business coaches touting the “make 6 figures in 6 weeks” nonsense, then tell your clients about it. Give them the opposite, be willing to take a stand and soon enough you’ll be standing out.

2. Make a Personal Connection – If your brand feels empty, robotic, and lacking a personality then you can be sure you’ll be losing potential clients. Brands that take on a persona, and connect to people emotionally and intellectually have much more power. If you’re the one writing content for your Brand, be sure to show a vulnerable side, a human side and you’ll start seeing an increase in client engagement in no time.

3. Know Who You’re Talking to – You’ve probably heard the word ‘niche’ before, and it may or may not have had you running in the opposite direction. Here’s the truth, if you’re trying to be the “right” brand for everybody, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Each and every person out there has unique needs, desires and problems, you can’t do it all. So decide on what you REALLY love and really want to offer, pick your niche, and stick to it. (At least for now, remember, your Brand can grow as you do!)

4. Take the Guess Work out of It – Knowing your ideal client through and through is imperative to the success of sales and engagement in your brand. If you’re pretending you know what they want, you’re really just playing a guessing game. Do some market research, reach out to your ideal clients and ask them what they need, what their fears are, what they dream of, write it down and use their language. The more heard and understood they feel by your brand, the much more likely they are going to invest with you.

5. Give Quality over Quantity – Having hundreds of blog posts, images, or offerings may seem like the way to be a success, but if you’re churning content out just for content’s sake it’s likely you’re focusing on quality over quantity. Make sure that you’re taking the time to hone in on value when it comes to every touch point of your brand. From your website, to your facebook posts – think before you act.

6. Build a community – When you’ve got a large network of individuals who believe in and support your brand, your reach is going to continually expand. Give potential clients a reason to join your community, like perks, contests, and valuable information. Don’t be afraid to give away valuable content for free up front, you’ll be showing your community that you’ve got chops – and when they hire you they know they’ll be getting all that and more.

7. Be Consistent – If you’re only sending a newsletter, writing a blog, posting to facebook or making contact when you feel like it – it’s likely you’re coming across as a bit flakey. The human brain needs constant reminders and recognition of a brand before they will invest, so keep yourself on schedule, your clients will thank you for it.

8. Be Clear – Have you ever thought to yourself “I’d like to post this article/image/song but I’m not sure that it fits in with my brand image…”? If so, think twice. If your brand message is about healthy eating and exercise and suddenly you’re posting about how to decorate a small space, you may confuse your followers. Be sure to tie in content, that may seem out of the blue, back into your core message. For example, if you’re really excited about interior design but need to stay on point you could create a blog about “How to Design Your Space to Support Your at Home Workouts.”

9. Engage – When your followers comment, ask questions, post, or speak about your brand online – RESPOND! You’d be surprised and how a simple ‘thank you’ can have a huge impact. You’ll also be able to answer questions, or solve concerns, if and when they do arise before the confusion is spread further.

10. Create a movement – Brands that get their followers excited and engaged about a higher purpose are the ones that really have an impact. Create a campaign with an emotional basis, be it helping those less fortunate, to telling someone how much you really love them, and tie is back into your core message. Have your followers like, share and comment on the campaign content to keep the momentum going. (This can look like sharing a photo in support of a cause, to sharing about a simple act of kindness you gave today. Be creative, and make sure that it supports your core message and unique point of view along the way.)

So now that you know these 10 Brand Success tips you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Brand Powerhouse.

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