5 Steps to Clarify Your Brand Identity

5 Steps to Clarify Your Brand Identity

Developing your Brand Identity is going to have an immense impact on the amount of clients, and types of clients you attract.

That’s why it’s imperative that you develop a Brand that actually conveys the mission or message you are putting out to your potential clients.

You Brand is much more than the product or service you provide and can be so powerful that when people think of your Brand they have an emotional experience related to it.

So, when asking what your Brand is, it’s actually better to ask, who is my Brand?

If your brand was a person, what would they be like, how would they make people feel, and what would their best known qualities be?

Step 1: Tap into the core of your purpose, your big mission, and the impact it’s going to have not only on your clients but your loved ones as well. Ask yourself, what is it that I’m REALLY passionate about bringing to the world – and more importantly, ask WHY.

Step 2: Now that you’ve established your purpose, it’s important to hone in on the unique skills and gifts that you have support your mission. One of the best ways to tune into your unique gifts is to do a “What I LOVE about ME list.” This list will contain a minimum of 100 things that are totally awesome about you, from your natural talents do your developed ones. It can even include things like “I love my compassion,” to “I love that I wake up early every morning,” it can be anything that you value about yourself.

Step 3: Considering that you want to make your brand stand out, this list is going to be one of the key factors. Take this list and read it over, recognizing that no one else in the world has this exact same list. You are unique, and have a special ability to connect with specific people in the world who need YOU! Really embrace yourself, your gifts, and your special talents and interests.

Step 4: Highlight the top 10 values on the list that excite you the most, this is going to be a starting point for your Brand. You’re going to use these specific qualities to develop content, both visual and otherwise, for your brand. These qualities hold an emotion, next to each one write the emotion that relates to it.

Step 5: Next to each value that you’ve highlighted, brainstorm ways that your brand can share this aspect of you. From the types of facebook posts you’ll share, to the story you’ll be conveying in your portraits, every touch point counts.

Remember, this is just a starting point. You’ll need to dive even deeper into all the ways you can express your authentic Brand Identity.

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