I’m Heather aka The Essence Oracle Many moons ago I launched my business, back then my official biz name was ‘Heather Pennell Photography.’

I was 21 years old and driven by an intense passion to follow my joy, and show others that it was possible for them to do the same. I wanted to share truth, beauty, and tell stories that opened people’s hearts in a big way. (yes, I’m an old soul.) Little did I know, the world had much bigger plans for me outside of being behind the lens.
Heather P, Portrait Session, Sept. 2013, HIGH-RES -Emmy Lou Virginia Photography-74-XLI realized that in order to really run a successful business, and stand up for my dreams I had to be vulnerable. I had to share my life, my experiences, my truth in ways I had never done before. I’m talking some pretty eye opening, scary, nerve racking blog and facebook posts.

The negative criticism almost floored me, it stirred up so much resistance, to the point that I almost completely blocked my ability to authentically communicate. Not only was I sharing some of my deepest, most personal beliefs, but I was putting photos of myself all over the web – yikes!

Having had some pretty harsh experiences in high school, sharing myself so openly was not easy. I wanted what I was saying to be a clear and true representation of who I really am, so that people would see and understand that everything I was doing ultimately came from a place of love.

What I had to learn was that everyone sees the world through a very unique lens; Language is subjective, and everyone has their own upbringing, programming and beliefs to see through. It was impossible to have everyone like me, approve of me, and be nice to me. But let me tell you something about those that do.

I started to receive private messages on facebook with people asking me for advice on how to follow their passion, how they too could connect deeper to source, and thanking me for saying the things they wish they could say.

The more vulnerable I became, the more love I received. I gave myself the space to trust in my words, to trust in my art, to trust in sharing all that I am. And that self love, well it amplified, and not only expanded in my life but in the lives of the people I was impacting.

Me hanging with Allison Braun, Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle Laporte.

Me hanging with Allison Braun, Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle Laporte.

I started to surround myself with like-minded thought leaders, to bring my message further out into the world.

As for those amazing heart centered people who reached out to me, the continue to and are the ones I am speaking for, shining for, living for – people like YOU.

Because I know people like you are here because you have a calling, a deeper soul pulling to do something magnificent in the world. Heck, I bet you’re an old soul too!

And what better way to see yourself, to learn how to share yourself, to create the story that’s going to inspire people around the world than to look into the eyes of someone who really sees you.

Let me be your mirror, and together we’ll change the world.