Being Woman Retreat


You know those days when you’re in the zone? Things are aligned. Luck is abound. And nothing can throw you off.

In life the only thing that is constant is change—so there will be ups and downs.

But imagine if you could create a business that is fueled by purpose.

An intentional business that helps foster meaningful relationships, wealth and wellbeing— regardless of outer circumstances.

Master this and everything will consequently align in your favour.

This September, my friends, Lara Kozan (co­founder of Yyoga and Nectar Juicery) and Kate Muker (founder of Conscious Divas) are hosting a heart­centred business retreat called Being Woman. [Use code BWHP for your free gift!]

They asked me to answer a few juicy questions about my journey as an entrepreneur.

If you want to master the art of creating a business that is aligned with your values, you need to be at the Being Woman retreat (details and a promo code for an amazing gift bag is waiting for you below)​. I’d love to see you there!

Q. What is your definition of success?

Success is so subjective, and I think it’s extremely important that we each personally discover what the word means for us.

For me Success is joy, peace, ease, and flow. When I’m creatively turned on, or impacting another in a really positive way, I know I’m in success mode.

Not everyday is going to feel this way, and that’s a part of the journey. But I do my best to be grateful for the days when success surrounds me.

Q. Every entrepreneur has those days when she wants to walk away. How do you get out of a funk when you’re feeling demotivated?

As I said above, totally normal to have off days, and yea… they can suck!

Honestly, my favorite way to get out of a funk is to get into service. Being there for someone else, and stepping out of my ego-head trip is one of my best tools for feeling better. 

And if not that, nourishment, self care, and play time. Mantras are great too!

Q. What has been the most challenging aspect of your work?

Transitions. As a creative type, I’m always shifting. Those shifts can often lead to a feeling of instability, and sometimes that can be really scary. And, at the same time, they are exciting. But, getting over the thought tapes that tell me shit is falling apart can be a big challenge sometimes!

Q. Opportunities are everywhere. How do you choose which ones to snatch up and which to walk away from?

Trust your intuition. That’s the first step.

Meditate on it. Get clear on your core desired feelings. Does this fit into your big dream? Does this serve as a stepping stone towards your goals?

Then ask yourself, am I going to have fun doing this, or am I going to resent this? If it’s going to be fun, then do it! 

Also, consider the give-receive cycle. I’ve made a lot of relationships with women, Kate Muker of Being Woman included, where I’ve provided a lot of free services. In exchange, she’s lifted me up, and given me so many opportunities. You’ll find those women/men that you just know are going to be allies along the way, give whole-heartedly without expectation… Everything comes around!

Q. How do you make your wellbeing a priority?

As an empath, well being is a non-negotiable for me. Without it, I won’t thrive.

I allow myself to start my day later in the morning, I don’t book meetings before 11am. The morning is me time, and I’m happy to give myself that.

Then, my health comes first, without it I can’t do much… no one can.  So be willing to go the extra mile to take care of yourself. Eat well, nourish yourself, exercise, get excellent sleep, it all adds up!

Q. How does your business impact your closest relationships?

Many of my closest relationships are with other entrepreneurs, birds of a feather flock together! So, usually my business impacts my relationships by helping raise one another up.  One the flip side of that, for my friends and family who aren’t entrepreneurs, I feel as though my business has shown them that they are alternative ways of being/living that they hadn’t thought of before. Being on the leading edge can be scary, but it can also be the best thing you ever do… ever.

Q. Any last words of wisdom for an aspiring purpose ­driven entrepreneur?

When things get hard, ask yourself, “have I done everything in my power to resolve this issue?”

If the answer is no, then go into a quiet space of reflection and ask for guidance. Tune in and see what other action steps are available for you at this time.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re going to have to take some risks along the way, and having supporters on your team will make that process a lot easier.

And most important of all, follow your heart. It knows best.


An Empowering Retreat For Entrepreneurial Women Being Woman is an intimate one­ day retreat for women who are ready to realize their full potential in their business and life. This unique event gives you the tools required for continuous personal growth, success and abundance.

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