How to Reach your Target Market


If you’ve completed some form of a client avatar, you probably thought you had this whole “reaching your target market” thing all figured out.

Yet for some reason, it still feels like looking for them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the part you may have missed when you were honing in on that perfect client.

It’s called “Market Research.”

If you don’t know the answer to questions like:

Where and How do your ideal clients spend their time?
Where do they spend their money?
What and Who influences their buying decisions?
What problems do they want solved?
What information are they searching for online that you can provide?

Then it’s time to start asking questions.

And not to just anybody either, to people who actually fit the bill.

Think of it this way.

Let’s imagine you are on a mission to watch whales. If you go out on that boat and just head onto the water without understanding the migration patterns, eating habits, and social structures of the whale families – how do you expect to find them?

You need to do your research, so that when you’re putting yourself out there, you can find your clients as easily as they can find you.

So here’s what you do.

1. Write out a short statement explaining the exact type of client you’re looking to interview. Be specific. The more clear you are the easier it will be to get in communication with the right people. Let them know you’re doing some research in order to better help people with what you do. Make this enticing. Can you offer something special as a thank you? Perhaps, it’s an exchange of information or ideas.

2. Ask for help. Go on facebook, join some groups in your industry (if you haven’t already you should really get on that), and put your interview request out there. You can also put this out to friends, business associates, or even your list. Keep it professional. Know who to ask, and how to ask, without seeming desperate. This is a mutually beneficial situation, keep that in mind. The more people you can help, and the more specific your offering, the better service you can provide.

3. Have specific questions ready to go that you’d like to have the answers to. If you’ve schedule a phone call with someone, be on time and ready to take notes. Get as much information as you can and remember to keep what they say in their words. The closer your copy can be to the actual language your ideal client uses, the better!

4. Take action. Now that you know where you perfect clients are spending their time (for example, what blogs they are reading, where they shop etc) put yourself in front of them. Can you write a guest blog post for their favorite blogger? Maybe you can land a speaking gig at their favorite conference. Be creative!

This can go really deep. Look into brands they already love, consider their buying decisions and learn from them. What is it they are really looking for, and what causes them to say “YES!” Learn what already is working and implement that into your own business and voila – you’ll be reaching your target market in no time.