heathercamerarainbowAs a creative entrepreneur, you know you need captivating photos on your website.

You also know a beautiful headshot isn’t just about looking pretty. It’s about giving your clients a peek into your soul & leaving them swooning for more of that special thing you’ve got. It’s about communicating the true essence of you with images.

It’s about capturing the quirky way your smile turns up slightly at the corners and showcasing the adorable dimples that light up the room.

It’s about putting a (fabulous) face to a brand, the kind of brand that brings out the best in others.

Whether you spend your days rocking an online business, sharing your passion on stage or mostly hiding out penning manuscripts hunched over a typewriter, one thing is for sure… you want to be memorable.

And to be memorable?

You need a Photo Mantra, be it on the back of your best-selling novel, with the bio of your keynote speech or on your website’s awe-inspiring banner.

Does this sound like you?

 :: You’re a creative, heart-centered entrepreneur with big plans to better the world

:: You keep putting off stepping out in front of the camera because the mere idea of all those eyes on you is totally nerve-wracking

:: Your business is wonderful, but your brand images don’t reflect your professionalism (let alone personality!)

:: You’ve been getting by with the boring headshots you took ten years ago – ‘cause they’re “good enough,” …right?

If you’re nodding your head to any of the above, then I’m talking to you.

Let’s be real: You know those photos your bestie took three years ago on her (now defunct) iPhone don’t exactly showcase your “best” you.

Now, you’re a professional. An expert, if you will.

You’ve truly got it goin’ on – but there’s one problem. The world won’t know it unless you show them!

If you’ve got big dreams, you should have phenomenal photos to match.

And, that’s why you need a Photo Mantra.



What is a Photo Mantra?


First, let me tell you what it’s not: My renowned mantras are NOT run-of-the-mill portrait sessions.

Photo Mantras use my customized system for taking photos that move people.

They’re one part spiritual experience + one part luxurious photo shoot. Leaving you with photos that up-level your frequency and your brand.

Photo Mantras are designed to raise the vibration of your business & life through a deep-dive process we embark on together. From there, we’ll create gorgeous photos that tell the story about you & your brand. Photo Mantra clients end up with images they adore, photos that make a visual connection with their clientele and showcase their true spirit.


Why do you use the word “mantra”?

heathertibetanbell-webMy Signature Photo Mantra System is what makes my photos and experience different than anything else. It starts long before shoot day.

As you may know, mantras are repeated sacred intentions.

That’s why I call this a photo “mantra,” because before your shoot you’ll get super clear on your highest intention for your business (Draw in ideal clients? Receive $10k in one month? Book a speaking engagement?).

On shoot day, we anchor it into your being through a variety of modalities (think meditation, grounding and more) so it literally emanates from your body. Then, I photograph you in your highest state – you know, the way you’d “be” if you already made that sale, landed the speaking gig or topped the New York Times Bestsellers list. The photos are shot at that frequency and they hold it there.

That means when you go to use those photos, they’re already working for you, sending out that high-level frequency, attracting your desires to you like a magnet – while you relax and do the work you love. Your photos do ongoing advertising & promotion for you.

Because of the intention you set before the photos were shot, your Photo Mantra will help you attract more clients and invite exciting new opportunities into your life & business.

It works like this: your ideal clients see your gorgeous, professional photos, and without knowing it, feel the frequency we embedded. They fall in love with your essence & come to you excited to work together – because they already feel like they know you.

And your photos don’t only show them who you are – they let them know you’re serious about your business.

Professional photos tell your clients your ‘legit.’ You’ve done the work to build a trustworthy business, and as such you’ve been able to invest in photos that match the level of services and experiences you provide.

What Happens on Shoot Day?

Heather P, Portrait Session, Sept. 2013, HIGH-RES -Emmy Lou Virginia Photography-30-XL
On your shoot day, my fabulous team and I create an unforgettable & super comfortable experience for you.

A day on set with us? Well, it rivals a sunny, midday picnic, nibbling on organic fruit & sipping green juice, laughing it up with your best friends.

I know a lot of people are extremely camera-shy, so I make it my mission to ease your worries when you’re in front of the lens, so everything feels (& looks) natural & authentic. (None of those awkward forced smiles allowed!)

So there’s lot of laughs, smiles and maybe even a few inappropriate jokes. Honestly, with years of experience under my belt, I know exactly how to put you at ease so your true self can shine through.

We spend a good deal of time before your actual shoot getting to know each other.

We also meditate, ground ourselves & visualize an amazing outcome before I ever press a button.

I’m a huge believer in the Law of Attraction; the idea that you attract people & events into your life energetically, and the idea is woven throughout my entire business.

My entire team is on board, too, and they’re all versed in one creative modality or another. When you book a Photo Mantra, you’ll have experts trained in energy work right at hand – so they’ll be totally tuned in & connected to source & your potential.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day relaxing, hanging with wildly creative & fun professionals, learning to open up & receive – as you uncover more about yourself and your business than you ever thought possible?

Your Photo Mantra Can Help You…


  • Make more money - “After my Photo Mantra with Heather I quickly (within the week) attracted over $7500 work with new clients as well as several speaking engagements.” – Allison Braun
  • Hone your Brand - “I’ve never been through a photo shoot where I literally LOVED almost every picture, making it quite difficult to pick several winners for my brand. A pretty good problem to have. In the end, I felt the pics were all a wonderful expression of who I am.” – Sukhi Muker
  • Increase your sales - “Working with Heather I was able to increase the visibility of my business in an authentic way, while also increasing my sales as my confidence in what I have to offer was heightened through the experience.” – Lori Stove
  • Land a speaking gig - “I have these amazing photographs to send out for interviews and media appearances, and it has just taken my work to a whole new level of success.” – Devi Ward
  • Remove Visibility Blocks - “I’m so grateful I worked through my resistance and invested in myself because I overcame some of my fears and learned some deeper truths about who I am.” – Keshia Clancy
  • + BONUS: Attract the love of your life, bring to life exciting new friendships & create all kinds of new opportunities!


Five Key Elements That’ll Turn Your Photos Into Money Magnets (like the ones above!)

1. A photographer who gets you. You need to work with an artist who understands you and your brand. A photographer needs to translate your message into photographs your ideal clients will love. Yes, your photographer should ask who your ideal client is before the shoot! For example, you wouldn’t want to wear a business suit in your photos if you’re trying to attract stay-at-home moms, or sport a bohemian frock if you’re marketing to doctors. You need a photo that shows your credibility to your audience and lets them know you understand them.

2. Tuning into what you truly want to create. By getting clear on your desires beforehand you’ll be vibrating at a frequency that will resonate with your clients. Before your photo shoot, try to really feel your mission. Sometimes my clients are on the verge of tears before our shoot because they feel so connected to their purpose and this energy always produces the best photos!

3. A Photographer with technical skills. You need appropriate lighting and a good photo editor/editing software if you want your photos to look professional. High-quality equipment and someone behind the lens with a real eye for photography is essential.

 4. Attention to detail. The little things make all the difference! Clothes, hair and makeup can make or break a photo. If it’s not well-done, it can be distracting. But if it’s done right, with attention to your brand – it can be the difference between a mediocre photo and a photo that inspires.

5. Finishing touches! Editing takes your photos to the next level. And it doesn’t just help aesthetically, it also enhances its energetic properties, making your photos that much more magnetic.

And last but not least: You want to have an amazing experience having your photo taken, so that every time you look at them you’re transported back to the wonderful experience you had. When you see your photos, they should bring back all the joy, passion, and purpose you felt while creating them.

If you’re missing any of these elements in your photo shoot experience, then you’re literally leaving money on the table.  Believe it or not, there are people out there with money in their pockets checking you out – but not investing. Photo Mantras can change that.





The Nitty Gritty



Because each client of mine is different, my packages are customized just for you. I do have 3 basic levels, and we can make adjustments accordingly. Please Apply for more information and to discover what option will be the best fit for you.



  • Extra Images: Need more images than what’s included in your package? No problem, once you apply you’ll get all the details on how to order extra images. Plus, I keep your files on hold for up to 6 months for purchases at a later date if needed.
  • Props and Set Design: Props & set design can make or break a photo. Let us help you tell your story with more ease by adding in additional elements. Love travel? How about posing with a piece of vintage luggage? Interior designer? Maybe we’ll prop you up on a colorful, modern chic armchair. It’s all about raising your vibration & getting more in tune with you & your mission.
  • Studio & Location Rentals: Have somewhere special in mind you’d like to shoot, or perhaps you’d like us to choose for you? We can book studio spaces, to post-modern mansions, whatever your brand needs are we are here to help.



Hear what the Photo Mantra Experience is Really Like:

testimonialboxdevi“I honestly had no idea how important it would be to my work and my career, to have the type of high quality image that Heather offers. I was skeptical at first, and didn’t really think it would make much of a difference, but let me tell you! Since working with Heather, my entire presentation has undergone a major and much needed upgrade. The entire look and feel of my website has been enhanced, and I am able to present my work in a way that reflects class, elegance, and it’s true value. I have these amazing photographs to send out for interviews and media appearances, and it has just taken my work to a whole new level of success.
Heather is amazingly gifted in her craft, and has a fun and creative flair for bringing out the unique expression of each person. This was one of the best investments of my career, and I am so very grateful that I had the opportunity to receive the benefit of her magic! If you are undecided, I encourage you to take the leap, it will be worth it in every way imaginable!” – Devi Ward of Feminine Emergence


testimonialboxsukhi“Before working with Heather I wasn’t sure about the value of her work. In the absence of Value price becomes an issue. Value is achieved through education, it took time for me to learn how Heather was different (and so worth the fees). 
I originally just wanted some great pics. I never knew that a photographer could be so in tune with me to help me shine from the inside out in front of the camera.
Heather takes you through a beautiful process to connect to that special place within so you are so comfortable, confident and yourself before a camera is even turned on. I’m not a model, so I have no idea how to “be” for a photo shoot. With Heather I felt like a model or rockstar would, so comfortable in my own skin in front of the camera. As a result, I could be me.
The proof is in the final product. I’ve never been through a photo shoot where I literally LOVED almost every picture, making it quite difficult to pick several winners for my brand. A pretty good problem to have. In the end, I felt the pics were all a wonderful expression of who I am.
I highly recommend Heather. First and foremost, she’s just a wonderful person to work and hang out with. She’s also a professional from every touch point and doesn’t skip a beat. The process from start to finish is remarkable. She made a story/vision board and my team and her posted pics from all walks of life that help set the vibe for the style of pics I was looking for. From clothes, to poses and overall tone there was a plan and during the shoot we just had to execute the plan. No surprises, no “hoping” the pics would be good… That was priceless. I met with her fashion coordinator and went shopping days before the shoot. We found themes and clothes that were me. She was also present during the shoot and picked more clothes from my personal wardrobe. During the shoot she was present to roll up a sleeve, fix a collar, etc, etc… again priceless. I can’t recommend Heather enough. I had an extraordinary experience and was so pleased with the final product.”  - Dr. Suki Muker


testimonialboxallisonAfter my Photo Mantra with Heather I quickly (within the week) attracted over $7500 work with new clients as well as several speaking engagements.  I love knowing that when people see my photos whether on social media, my website or on my bio through other sources that they are seeing my true essence and what I am here to help with.  I feel confident knowing that those that need to be attracted to my work will immediately know it when they see my photo mantras. I admit though that I was initially hesitant due to the investment, I had never paid for a photo shoot before.  I knew I had to go for it anyway because it was time for me to really up level my business and my life in general.  I wanted what I wanted and I wanted the best and wasn’t willing to compromise.  I am so glad I trusted that because I more than paid off my investment within two days! I highly recommend a Photo Mantra Photo shoot with Heather for anyone who wants to feel luxurious, worthy, and totally ready to up level their business and lives and confidently put themselves out there in the world through their pictures – pictures that attract what they desire!” – Allison Braun aka The Business Joyologist


“Before working with Heather I worried that I was being a bit too extravagant booking this type of photo shoot experience and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I’m so grateful I worked through my resistance and invested in myself because the day we spent together was such a gift! It was truly priceless when you take into account the joy and confidence that it inspired from within. Heather’s unique ability to be present in each moment and her genuine interest in supporting me to connect with my heart was wonderful. Since rebranding I’ve had more confidence stepping into my new role as a life coach and I am really embracing the gifts I have to share with others. I highly recommend Heather to anyone that is looking for amazing photos, as well as an experience that encourages you to get clear and focus on what is the real motivation behind what you do. Working with Heather I was encouraged to go into my heart, explore and share…thank you! Much love.” – Julie Singer, Creator of the Intentional Day Planner





Having Resistance? Procrastinating on Your Desires? Kick it to the curb now!


“…I’m just not ready.”

The time is now. Waiting a week, month, or year until you’ve lost the weight or when you’re not so stressed is only putting off your potential even longer. Why wait longer than you already have to take your life to the next level? What you must understand is that you have everything you need already; it’s not about just making the choice to show those who are waiting for you what you’ve got.

Affirm: I have all the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to be successful NOW. I trust the process of life and choose to live the life I am worthy of in this present moment!

“…I don’t have the money.”

Limiting belief systems and negative relationships with money are one of the biggest causes that hold us back from our highest potential. Doing this work is an investment that will pay off not only financially but emotionally and mentally. How much is it costing you to remain where you are? When you trust and invest in yourself you are telling the universe you are ready and it is finally time to step into the life you know is waiting for you. Don’t let anything hold you back from your dream.

Affirm: Life loves and supports me, everything is taken care of. I know that I am safe and supported in every decision I make that brings me closer to my truth.

“…I’m shy and not comfortable having my photo taken. This is for someone more outgoing.”

Being uncomfortable with being visible is very common. I can assure you this is something we can easily move through together. In fact, moving through this fear can do wonders for your life. Having been through the shift myself I can completely relate and support you through your journey. This isn’t about changing who you are at the core, it’s about embracing it. By embracing yourself fully you open up the doorway for potential clients, friends and all those who come into your life to do the same.

Affirm: When others see me they see my truth. I shine a light full of love that only draws the best experiences towards me!