Phoenix Muranetz

Phoenix Muranetz

If one could infuse the heart of your best friend, the savvy of your favorite entrepreneur, the spirit of your most trusted spiritual guide, and the bravery of an influential mentor all into one soul, I’m pretty sure the result would be Heather Pennell, Essence Oracle. Initially, my only hesitation in working with Heather was the financial investment. I quickly realized that this scarcity belief was holding me back realizing my visions, and I would need to take a leap of faith with Heather. I’m so glad I did!

Before working with Heather I also worried that I wouldn’t have the courage to overcome my fears in launching my conscious business at all. Heather really helped me bring my wild ideas into daily actions and steps, and also bring some grounded reality in executing my plans. Besides sharing her branding insights she is also a wealth of information in many practical aspects of business, such as negotiating with clients, using honest communication in handling problems, and helping me discover my true worth.

Since working with Heather, I’ve been able to quit my day job, launch my website, and start booking large $20,000 clients. Besides being a savvy business and branding mentor, Heather is also a super grounded sister with a big heart, pure intentions, and talent oozing from every pore. She’s deeply attuned to the spiritual underpinnings of business, and I loved being able to honestly confide to her any fears or doubts as she is a completely supportive and fun woman to work with!

I gained not only an inspirational business mentor, but also a sweet entrepreneurial soul sister! If you want to make leaps and bounds both professionally and personally, you need to work with this brand goddess rockstar!




Jacqueline Parker

Beauty Reawakened

Working with Heather was the biggest financial investment I’ve made in my business, and at the time I didn’t really feel like I had the money, it was a big step for me. But it was so worth it, every time I had an idea, Heather was able to help me expand and develop it into pure brilliance. I was able to discover and develop my business based on what I am passionate about and what makes me happy.

Since working with Heather I have booked 100% of the clients that have scheduled a meeting or phone call with me. I have discovered a successful way to turn a lead into a paying customer purely from Heather’s examples and support.

I think of Heather as my big sister in business. She is always there for me when I have something exciting to share, or even when I was going through a tough time. She is able to connect with me in a way that no teacher or mentor ever has. I feel that Heather is very invested in me and wants to see me succeed.

Heather has opened my eyes to the potential I have and the potential my business has. It is an experience like no other, and I would hope that other entrepreneurs have the chance to put their business into gear with the support, creativity and love that Heather provides.



Allison Braun

The Business Joyologist

After my Photo Mantra with Heather I quickly (within the week) attracted over $7500 work with new clients as well as several speaking engagements. I love knowing that when people see my photos whether on social media, my website or on my bio through other sources that they are seeing my true essence and what I am here to help with. I feel confident knowing that those that need to be attracted to my work will immediately know it when they see my photo mantras.

I have many photo shoots with many photographers over the last few years (none of which I have paid for) and working with Heather was by far the most amazing experience. It was fun, playful but also intuitive, tuned in and totally conscious. Every piece of the puzzle was taken care of for a smooth and enjoyable process.

I admit though that I was initially hesitant due to the investment. Like I said, I had never paid for a photo shoot before. I knew I had to go for it anyway because it was time for me to really up level my business and my life in general. I wanted what I wanted and I wanted the best and wasn’t willing to compromise. I am so glad I trusted that because I more than paid off my investment within two days!

I highly recommend a Photo Mantra Photo shoot with Heather for anyone who wants to feel luxurious, worthy, and totally ready to up level their business and lives and confidently put themselves out there in the world through their pictures – pictures that attract what they desire!



Rachel Brous

Rachel Brous Energy Healing

Heather is an absolute joy to work with. She has a unique and amazing gift of being able to truly see one’s essence and create images that capture and illuminate one’s spirit and purpose. Working through some self-confidence issues and being extremely camera shy, I was quite nervous about spending so much time in front of the camera. Fortunately, Heather created such a comfortable and joyful experience for me that I could just simply be myself and actually have fun in front of a camera for the first time ever! Because of this, my photos really did represent and reveal who I am at my core. I never felt so confident in my life. It was so liberating to not only just be myself but to actually enjoy it and feel amazing in that space. It was an extremely empowering and healing experience for me.

Before my photo mantra with Heather, I was aware that I wanted to start my own business but clueless as to how to do it and feeling really lost in my purpose and action plan to move forward. From working with Heather, I gained clarity on my purpose and vision for making a life I love by doing what I love. I became confident enough to take action for my life and my business. I created an action plan and have stuck to it. I went from having no clue what I was doing to finding and creating the perfect workspace to be successful in my business. I am also almost finished creating my own website and additional marketing materials that I know will grow my business because I now have an authentic representation of myself and my brand. After seeing my photos, the people in my life who know me well said that these MUST be on my marketing materials because it reveals to potential clients my light, healing and nurturing energy that I never thought would be possible to share without knowing me personally before.

I can’t wait to work with Heather again as my business grows, I couldn’t have imagined being where I am in my business without her talent, creativity, insight and support. I recommend a photo mantra with Heather whether it be for business or personal use. If you need a true, genuine representation of yourself that will make you shine and feel confident and ready to tackle the world – Heather is your girl!



Lisa Friedt

Catalyst Coaching and Consulting

Before working with Heather I knew I needed to work on my brand, but whenever I thought about it, the technical aspects of it really threw me off. It was a huge deterrent from me moving forward on something I knew was really important to my success.

I’m really thankful I decided to work with Heather as it gave me the chance to break down all the pieces of my brand and look at it in ways that weren’t overwhelming. I also found fonts and colors that I would have otherwise not considered that totally work for my brand. Honestly, had I not worked with her, I would have ended up following someone else’s template that didn’t authentically express my own personal brand.

On top of that, I really appreciated how while working with Heather, our sessions didn’t end when our call was over, she gave me additional worksheets and support to keep me moving forward. These tools are long lasting, and I continue to use them as a reference that’s both effective and fun.

The more I implement Heather’s brand strategies the more confident I feel in what I have to offer, and it’s already leading to more clients, opportunities and visibility in my business.



Julie Singer

Intentional Day Planner

Before working with Heather I worried that I was being a bit too extravagant booking this type of photo shoot experience and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I’m so grateful I worked through my resistance and invested in myself because the day we spent together was such a gift! It was truly priceless when you take into account the joy and confidence that it inspired from within. Heather’s unique ability to be present in each moment and her genuine interest in supporting me to connect with my heart was wonderful.

Since rebranding I’ve had more confidence stepping into my new role as a life coach and I am really embracing the gifts I have to share with others. I highly recommend Heather to anyone that is looking for amazing photos, as well as an experience that encourages you to get clear and focus on what is the real motivation behind what you do. Working with Heather I was encouraged to go into my heart, explore and share…thank you! Much love, Julie xoxo



Dr. Sukhi Muker

Optimal Living

Before working with Heather I wasn’t sure about the value of her work. In the absence of Value price becomes an issue. Value is achieved through education, it took time for me to learn how Heather was different (and so worth the fees). I originally just wanted some great pics. I never knew that a photographer could be so in tune with me to help me shine from the inside out in front of the camera. Heather takes you through a beautiful process to connect to that special place within so you are so comfortable, confident and yourself before a camera is even turned on. I’m not a model, so I have no idea how to “be” for a photo shoot. With Heather I felt like a model or rockstar would, so comfortable in my own skin in front of the camera. As a result, I could be me.

The proof is in the final product. I’ve never been through a photo shoot where I literally LOVED almost every picture, making it quite difficult to pick several winners for my brand. A pretty good problem to have. In the end, I felt the pics were all a wonderful expression of who I am.I highly recommend Heather. First and foremost, she’s just a wonderful person to work and hang out with. She’s also a professional from every touch point and doesn’t skip a beat. The process from start to finish is remarkable. She made a story/vision board and my team and her posted pics from all walks of life that help set the vibe for the style of pics I was looking for. From clothes, to poses and overall tone there was a plan and during the shoot we just had to execute the plan. No surprises, no “hoping” the pics would be good… That was priceless. I met with her fashion coordinator and went shopping days before the shoot. We found themes and clothes that were me. She was also present during the shoot and picked more clothes from my personal wardrobe. During the shoot she was present to roll up a sleeve, fix a collar, etc, etc… again priceless. I can’t recommend Heather enough. I had an extraordinary experience and was so pleased with the final product.



Devi Ward

Feminine Emergence

I honestly had no idea how important it would be to my work and my career, to have the type of high quality image that Heather offers. I was skeptical at first, and didn’t really think it would make much of a difference, but let me tell you! Since working with Heather, my entire presentation has undergone a major and much needed upgrade. The entire look and feel of my website has been enhanced, and I am able to present my work in a way that reflects class, elegance, and it’s true value. I have these amazing photographs to send out for interviews and media appearances, and it has just taken my work to a whole new level of success.

Heather is amazingly gifted in her craft, and has a fun and creative flair for bringing out the unique expression of each person. This was one of the best investments of my career, and I am so very grateful that I had the opportunity to receive the benefit of her magic! If you are undecided, I encourage you to take the leap, it will be worth it in every way imaginable!



Keshia Clancy

Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Before working with Heather I was unsure if something like this was right for me because of my lack of experience comfortably being in front of a camera. I’m so grateful I worked through my resistance and invested in myself because I overcame some of my fears and learned some deeper truths about who I am. Heather has a unique ability to cut to the heart of what is really going on internally with her clients while simultaneously relating to them on an even ground. She helped me feel very comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, and in the conversation sessions beforehand, I found her to have a very friendly manner which made it very easy to speak openly and connect with her. Since rebranding I have been able to begin to put my name and image out there for future clients and have received many positive responses. I highly recommend Heather to anyone that is starting their own business, or getting photos taken just for fun and experience.

Lots of love and gratitude to you Heather. Your passion and intention with your business definitely shows and it will take you far.



Lori Stove

It’s All Pawsitive Dog Spa & Wellness Centre

Working with Heather I was able to receive both high quality photos and the support my business needed for re-branding and development. On top of that I also gained confidence as a business woman to get out in the world and share what I have to offer! I really appreciated how Heather integrates her talents as a sound therapist and energy healer into her work. Though those gifts she was able to help me get grounded and show my true essence through the photo mantras she captured. The results were far beyond anything I had anticipated! Working with Heather I was able to increase the visibility of my business in an authentic way, while also increasing my sales as my confidence in what I have to offer was heightened through the experience. I enjoyed every minute of working with Heather and am so grateful for the amazing results she has been able to bring into my life through her amazing work. If you own a business and want to gain confidence to take it to the next level Heather is the person to work with!



Sonja Piccard

fine Jewelry Designer & Artist

I have had the experience of working with lots of photographers throughout my career. I was attracted to Heather’s service because she integrates intention setting with beautiful mantras prior to picking up her camera and working on your brand. I have chanted sacred mantras for 15 years so this resonated with me. Heather’s sweet and grounded energy for the shoot was so relaxing, she is such a confident and beautiful visionary artist. My intention was to give thanks for my talents and expand my art worldwide. Several days after the shoot I was fortunate to of met my dream client that matched this vision and received a wonderful order for my artwork.