Soul Guidance


In what appears to be the great demise of our time, there is one thing that is certain, we are intricately, intimately, forever connected to one another.

Our souls intermingle both in this time space reality, and in others, dancing along the edges of what we call “life.”

Beyond this existence, beyond what we know to be true, so much more exists.

Our life lines are long, extending capillaries reaching out to the utmost ends of the worlds, beyond and then back again.

We are endless, we are forever, we are all that is.

Yet, for the most part, we are blind, or have been for a long time.

But things are changing, we are opening our eyes, we are for the “first” time awakening to source.

And diving deeper into this opening requires patience, perseverance, risk and gratitude.

Yet what is certain, beyond all measure, is that we are not meant to do it alone.

Around you are hundreds, thousands, millions of other souls just like you -reaching, searching, prying open their beliefs to find themselves again.

It’s not an easy task, to leave behind our identities, to become alive again.

That is why we need one another more than ever, to hold each other, to love each other, to remind each other that we indeed are on the right path.

The belief that we must achieve personal success and strive to prove our individuality goes completely against the truth that we each have glowing within us.

That we are one, that we are each other, glowing, burning, blasting through existence like shooting stars.

“Survival” is unnecessary, thriving is acquired through the sharing of wealth, abundance, and joy with one another.

So look beyond yourself today, beyond the skin, the body that you exist in now and see yourself in the other. Is your mirror in pain, is it in need of love and support? If so, can you provide something, anything to help that reflection?

In doing so, you will see that your own experience is heightened, deepened and more profound.

So I ask you, today, reach out to another in need and see the world before you change.

With love,