What is a BRAND, anyway?

There’s been a lot of conversation happening lately about what “Branding” really is.

I want to get things super, squeaky clean and clear for you – were talking biore pore strip type clarity here.

Your Brand is how your clients, and potential clients, FEEL about you.

It’s what they think about you, and say about you, when you’re not around – it’s the taste you leave in their mouths from the nuts and bolts of what you offer, to the feeling they associate with your Brand.

An effective Brand creates a strong emotional reaction before that person even decides to work with you.

The more you can create a feeling, the more someone is going to remember you, and associate certain emotional responses with your Brand.

So how do you do that?

Through powerful Brand driven Marketing.

They go hand in hand, their business besties and lovers that support one another’s goals and ambitions.

And, what do you want you clients to feel?

Well, let’s say your Brand was all about Joy.

This means you’ve got to have joyful images, quotes, emailers, colors, fonts, business cards, and so on – you get the point.

But most of all if you’re the face of your brand, you’ve got to embody Joy yourself.

Not sure what joy looks like?

Let me give you an example of one of my favorite clients, and business besties, who rocks JOY as her main Brand feeling.

You can feel the Joy oozing out her pours in this image, she lives, eats and breaths it. She is the face of her brand, so she chose a quality that comes naturally to her and that she wants others to infuse in their lives – genius.

Not to mention every touch point of her brand matches this, along with the other key traits of her brand persona.

So here’s what I want you to do:

List 5 Key Feelings that you want you Clients to experience when they interact with your Brand.

For each of those 5 feelings create 1 action step you’re going to take that will infuse that emotion into your brand.

Here is an example:

1. Creative : I’m going to post a beautiful quote image on my facebook page that will inspire my followers.

2. Humourous: In my next blog I’m going to infuse my unique sense of humour into my writing so people really get the hint that I’m always up for a good laugh.

3. Safe: At the end of my client communication emails I’m going to have a disclaimer reminding them that their information, and conversations with me are completely confidential.

4. Transcendent: Every Wednesday I’m going to release a ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ guidance meditation for the week.

5. Community: Once a month I’m going to host an event where like minded women can meet to discuss business, life and love.

Alright, it’s your turn, post in the comments below your 5 Key Brand Feelings and how you’re going to take action on them so your clients can finally FEEL what you’re all about.

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